Get Help

HMSC operates two telephone lines on Thursdays for people to speak to us and get support.

New Enquiries Line – Thursdays at 10 am : 020 4566 7412

For new visitors (people who have never been to HMSC) or existing visitors with a totally new issue.

Please note that the New Enquiries line will be CLOSED on the following Thursdays in 2022: 11/08, 25/08, 08/09, 06/10, 03/11, 01/12, 22/12, 29/12.

The line opens at 10am and closes each week when all the slots are filled. This is first come-first served booking system – if you have an urgent issue, you need to call at 10am. If we cannot take your call, please try again the following Thursday. We will take only basic details from you at this stage. We will start working on your case the following Monday.

Because of limited resources, we will not reply to new enquiries by email or telephone outside of this line and there is no way to leave a message on this line.

Capacity is limited, so we will prioritise those who are destitute or on a very low income, and those who cannot afford to access advice elsewhere.

We cannot help British citizens and we cannot support adults wishing to apply for British citizenship. We can only support people who live in London – please only call the line if you live in a London borough.

Catch-up Line – Thursdays 12pm to 2pm: 020 4566 7445

For existing visitors (people who already have a file open with HMSC for this issue).

HMSC is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (ref: N201500478)