Dear Friends and Supporters,

This season please give generously to Haringey Migrant Support Centre’s Christmas Appeal to enable us to continue our vital work supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

We are a small charity and the growing demand for our service outstrips supply, meaning that we focus our efforts on providing support and advice to the most vulnerable migrants who visit HMSC. In the last year, two-thirds of the people we supported were women, most of whom have children. Your support means we can continue giving specialist immigration advice to vulnerable migrants, including trafficked women and those escaping domestic violence. Our specialist advisers also work to resolve the housing and welfare problems of the migrants we support and in doing so help destitute families to move out of extreme poverty and homelessness.

HMSC provides a vital service to some of the most vulnerable members of the local community. However, we are also under-resourced, and we are operating in an environment which is increasingly hostile and racist towards migrants.

The Windrush scandal was a wake-up call to many people but unfortunately, at HMSC we were well aware of the discrimination against this particular group – British people struggling to obtain proof of their citizenship. Other groups of migrants face similarly difficult obstacles to settled status.

For example, children as young as 10, born in the UK or brought to the UK at a young age, are being blocked from affirming their rights to British citizenship because the Home Office considers them not to be of good character. The consequences for these children are potentially dramatic and severe. Being barred from citizenship leaves these children subject to Home Office immigration powers. They are put at risk of all the things that have happened to the Windrush generation, including being expelled from their home country to places they do not know.

Your help can change it.


At HMSC we provide support, advice and casework each week to vulnerable individuals like AB.

AB is an extremely vulnerable person who arrived in the UK in 2002, having fled torture in Kenya. For many years  AB was ‘in limbo’, waiting for her asylum claim to be resolved by the Home Office. Languishing in this way took an enormous toll on her physical and mental health. At one point, she attempted suicide.

Within months of attending HMSC in 2017, AB was assisted to successfully appeal a refusal of her asylum claim. Hers was a highly complex case. We are fortunate to be able to employ a barrister in-house, who spotted an error in AB’s asylum decision. AB’s case could not have been resolved without this professional input.

AB was finally granted Leave to Remain. This meant that for the first time, she was able to access benefits and her local authority accepted a full duty to house her. This was life changing for AB.

Working with other agencies that also support AB, HMSC was the only organisation with the expertise to pull together the various strands involved in the case – including specialist immigration, housing and welfare advice.


Last year we supported 855 migrants, and the need for our service continues to grow. Your donation could begin to help change the lives of a hundred more migrants and their children next year. Please support us if you can.

Every donation, however small, will make a difference! If you are able to help our visitors and support our work, please donate via the link below.

Donating through Virgin Money Giving allows us to claim Gift Aid, which increases each donation by 25% at no cost to the donor.

You can also set up a direct debit:

If you can, please consider setting up a direct debit to support our work. HMSC is a grassroots, local and transparent organisation, operating in extremely difficult circumstances, and regular giving from individuals is one way towards a more sustainable future for the work of the Centre.

or send a cheque…

You can send a cheque, made payable to Haringey Migrant Support Centre, to our address:

St John Vianney Church Hall, 386 West Green Road, N15 3QL.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!



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