Donate through LocalGiving

HMSC relies on financial help from donors to enable us to deliver our services. Thanks to the generous support of donors, in 2021:

  • Staff and volunteers at HMSC helped 490 different individuals.  
  • A third of the visitors seen identified as homeless or in otherwise precarious or temporary housing. HMSC supported 250 people with accommodation issues, from providing full advice on accommodation and income, to helping to secure housing and fighting for conditions to be improved.
  • 210 people accessed immigration advice through HMSC, allowing them to understand and take ownership of their case. A further 72 individuals were helped to secure full representation for their immigration case by HMSC. 

We rely on fundraising and donations to continue providing our vital service. Visit our Local Giving Page to see how you can help us to continue to support people when they need us most. If you need help to set up your payment, please email us at with the subject line “Local Giving”.